How Often Should I Change the Engine Air Filter?

June 30th, 2021 by
Hand removing cabin air filter

Replacing the engine air filter routinely is an essential part of regular engine maintenance. While often overlooked, keeping your air filter free of dirt and debris ensures that your engine runs smoothly. How often should you change the engine air filter? Most automakers agree that drivers should inspect the air filter frequently and replace it as needed, or at least once every 15,000 to 30,000 miles.

Check your vehicle’s owner’s manual for the exact mileage interval that the manufacturer recommends for your vehicle. If you have any questions, contact our service department at Jaguar Englewood.

What is an Engine Air Filter?

The engine air filter functions essentially as the car’s lungs; to keep the engine free from contaminants, the air filter must be clean and properly installed. The engine pulls in air while running, and the air filter catches sand, dirt, dust, and other debris before it can enter the engine’s chambers. If the air filter becomes clogged, it can negatively affect the engine’s performance leading to loss of power, dirty exhaust, a check engine light turning on, and even engine failure.

The following signs indicate that it is time to replace your engine air filter:

  • Slowed down acceleration
  • Visible dirt and gray areas on the air filter
  • Black exhaust
  • Check engine light turns on
  • Spark plugs are misfiring

A clogged air filter will also affect the vehicle’s fuel economy, but this happens slowly and may go unnoticed by the driver.

Engine Air Filter Replacement Schedule

Following the recommended air filter replacement schedule in your car’s owner’s manual ensures your engine stays clean, but there are driving conditions in Jersey City and New York City that may necessitate earlier replacement. If you drive in hot weather and heavy traffic, gravel or unpaved roads, or other severe conditions, your air filter will need replacing more often.

The engine’s air filter is accessible on most vehicles, allowing you to inspect the air filter visually. Air filters are not difficult to replace, but installation requires a clean workspace and a perfect fit. You’ll need to choose the correct OEM part if you decide to replace the air filter at home, but you can also rely on the expert service technicians at Jaguar Englewood to keep your engine running efficiently and smoothly.

Jaguar Englewood Will Keep Your Car Running in Optimal Condition

Contact us if you have any questions regarding your engine’s air filter replacement schedule. You can depend on our state-of-the-art service center near Fort Lee to take care of your vehicle maintenance in a timely and efficient manner. Schedule an appointment online today!


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