Jaguar Lease Return Center in Englewood, NJ

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If your current leasing contract is coming to an end, visit our Jaguar lease return center at 30 Van Nostrand Avenue in Englewood, NJ. However, before you take the next steps, you should get a sense of what your visit will entail! How you proceed is up to you, but you’re guaranteed to have a better experience when you find out what to expect in advance.

What Are My Lease-End Options?

When you visit our Jaguar lease return center, you’ll have several different options to consider. We’d be happy to talk over them with you, but it’s a good idea to consider every angle before you drive in from Jersey City or Fort Lee:

  1. After returning your leased vehicle and paying any remaining fees, you can start a new lease or finance a different vehicle. Compare leasing vs. financing to learn more.
  2. After your fees are taken care of, you can also choose to return the leased vehicle and take your next steps elsewhere.
  3. You can purchase the Jaguar you’ve been leasing by executing a buyout. Learn more about this option below.

Preparing to Return a Leased Car

Jaguar lease returns aren’t particularly complex. As long as you’ve stayed within the lines of your contract, you shouldn’t have to worry about any surprises. Here’s what you’ll want to accomplish before returning a leased car to our staff:

  1. Complete all scheduled maintenance on your checklist. Identify any warning lights that have come on, and make sure to solve any issues before you pay us a visit.
  2. Clean your vehicle’s interior, remove any personal items, delete your data from on-board systems, and wipe down all the windows.
  3. Gather up and prepare to return any and all equipment that came with your vehicle. This may include accessories, key fobs, cargo covers, and more.
  4. Schedule a pre-inspection with an independent service center. This will help you identify excess wear and tear, solve problems in advance, and avoid any charges that may result from our own inspection. Make sure that your tires are in good condition, too.

Once you’ve made it through the checklist, contact our team to set up your lease return appointment. Our Jaguar lease return center is ready to see you at any time, even if you’re planning on returning your lease early!

What is a Lease Buyout?

You may have heard that it’s possible to purchase the vehicle you’ve been leasing instead of returning it to the dealership, but what is a lease buyout exactly? It depends on whether you’re purchasing the vehicle at the end of your lease, or buying out the leasing contract early:

  • An early lease buyout is a good option if you’re interested in avoiding lease-end charges. Although you’ll have to pay the remaining value of the contract, as well as early termination fees, this option could still save you money if you’ve gone over your mileage limit, failed to keep up with maintenance, or damaged the vehicle in some way.
  • A lease-end buyout is a great option if you love the vehicle you’ve been leasing and want to hold onto it for good! All you’ll need to do is apply for financing at our lease return center.

Start Your Next Lease at Our Dealership in New Jersey!

If you’re based in the area near Englewood or New York City, make sure to explore our current special offers before you commit to a new lease or loan! We already know that you’ll love the new Jaguar vehicles on our lot.

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