How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Pads?

Mechanic Inspecting Brake Pads and Rotors

Staying safe in Jersey City starts with having brake pads that work exactly as they should. Brake pads, like many other components, will wear down naturally over time, with use—so how much does it cost to replace brake pads? The service team at Jaguar Englewood has created a guide for your reference! Check out some of the signs that your brake pads need replacing and learn all the average costs with our expert service staff. 



Brake Pad Replacement Costs Explained

Depending on the type of car, the cost to replace your brake pads will vary. The average brake pad replacement costs $150 per axle, but this price can range from about $100 to $300 per axle. Less expensive brake pads are made from organic materials, while higher-priced composite brake pads are made from more durable materials like metal. The more expensive composite brake pads offer higher heat resistance and lower rates of wear over time. Prices will also vary by dealership and location. Give us a call at (201) 885-4586 for a quote on a brake pad replacement for your vehicle.

What’s the Difference Between Brakes and Brake Pads? 

These terms are often used interchangeably, but there’s a clear difference between the two:

  • Your brakes refer to the entire brake system, and this includes the brake pads, rotors, discs, calipers, master cylinder, lines—and brake drums (if you drive an older vehicle). 
  • On the other hand, brake pads are just a part of the brake system, and an important one at that. They apply pressure to the brake rotors or discs to bring the vehicle to a stop. 

No matter what part of your braking system needs attention, our brake repair experts can help.

How Long Do Brake Pads Last?

Your brake pads may last anywhere between 40,000 to 50,000 miles, and even up to 80,000 depending on the type of brake pads you have. Your driving habits can lengthen or shorten that lifespan.

What Are the Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Brake Pads? 

The red flags for a brake pad replacement are pretty clear, and you’ll likely know what the problem is right away. If you observe any of the following indicators, schedule a service appointment as soon as possible to get your car’s brake pads changed: 

  • Brake pedal vibrates 
  • The brake pads are less than 1/4 inch thick 
  • The brakes are making a squealing or squeaking sound
  • The indicator light turns on 
  • Grinding metal sound 

Get Your Brake Pad Service at Jaguar Englewood 

Have you noticed a strange squeaking sound when you are coming to a stop in New York City or Fort Lee? Is the brake light illuminated on your dash? Your brake pads may be the cause of your woes. Contact us with any questions about our brake services or how to use our Jaguarservice coupons. If you still have questions, don’t hesitate to explore our other service tips and tricks.


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