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If you’re looking for Jaguar battery replacement near Jersey City, Jaguar Englewood is here to assist. Our talented technicians operate in a state-of-the-art facility, and we can bring out the very best in your vehicle. Whether you need a Jaguar battery check or a full battery service in NJ, we’ll ensure that your car continues to run like a dream for miles to come. How does a car battery work, and what maintenance services do you need to complete to keep it in good working order? We’ve laid out everything you need to know before your appointment.

How Does a Car Battery Work?

Before we get started, how does a car battery work and why does it need to be replaced? Your Jaguar battery is made up of cells, and when those cells come in contact with the battery acid, a chemical reaction occurs. This chemical reaction creates electrons, which become the electricity needed to power your battery – and power your car. But, this chemical process gets weaker and weaker over time, and eventually your battery can no longer hold the charge that it once could. That’s when it’s time for a Jaguar battery replacement near Jersey City.

What is the Jaguar Battery Cost?

Our service center uses OEM Jaguar batteries, which were created for the Jaguar lineup. Only batteries made by the original manufacturer are designed to work perfectly with your complex electronic systems, which is why we don’t use aftermarket alternatives. In general, a Jaguar battery runs around $200 to $400 – depending on your vehicle. However, be sure to check out our rotating service specials to save extra on your visit.

Basics of Jaguar Batteries and Battery Replacement near Jersey City

How often should you replace your car battery?

Most Fort Lee drivers will replace their Jaguar battery every three to four years. This can vary depending on your driving habits, climate, and vehicle type.

How do you know if a car battery needs replacement?

You can buy a voltage meter at our parts department or simply schedule a battery check at our service center. However, you can also watch for these red flags: dim headlights, fluid leaks or corrosion, low battery fluid level, check engine light, slow engine start. We recommend checking your battery before long trips and before the winter.

What kind of care does a battery require? 

Basic maintenance checks can go a long way toward a healthy battery. Check your battery for corrosion and clean it properly if you notice any issues. Make sure the battery is tightly fastened to prevent the connections from loosening. Test your battery during your scheduled maintenance visits.

Schedule Battery Service in Englewood Today!

You know how car batteries work and how much Jaguar batteries cost, but if you still have questions, don’t hesitate to contact us at Jaguar Englewood. We’re located in Englewood, just a short drive from Fort Lee or New York City, so reach out for your next battery service in NJ. You can even schedule your next appointment online!

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