What is the Difference Between Used & Certified Pre-Owned?

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Shopping for a pre-owned Jaguar near Jersey City should be an exciting experience, but if you don’t understand the difference between used and certified pre-owned, you could end up missing out on great protections or spending significantly more than you have to! If you’re comparing CPO vs. used Jaguar models, start here to get a precise breakdown of what sets these two categories apart!

Why Should You Buy a Used Jaguar?

First things first, all certified pre-owned vehicles are used, but not all used vehicles are certified pre-owned. With that said, any used Jaguar can be a great investment. All of our pre-owned models include exciting features and offer truly exceptional performance, and when you choose to buy pre-owned, you’ll save big on depreciation.

Comparing CPO vs. used models, the main thing to keep in mind is that you’ll pay less for a model that doesn’t come with the certified pre-owned label. You’ll also miss out on some impressive protections and assurances (covered in detail below), but you may find that it’s worth the bargain.

Why Should You Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar?

One of the most important differences between used and certified pre-owned cars has to do with the certification process. Before it can be labeled as CPO, a used Jaguar must:

  • Pass a 165-point inspection designed by the manufacturer
  • Be less than five years old
  • Possess fewer than 60,000 miles

The other primary factor distinguishing our CPO vehicles has to do with the protections that they offer: 

  • CPO Jaguar models include a transferable limited warranty, offering up to 7 years or 100,000 miles of coverage.
  • You’ll also enjoy 24/7 roadside assistance for the entire duration of your warranty.
  • Additionally, you’ll pay no deductible for warrantable repairs.
  • At the time of your purchase, you’ll receive a complete vehicle history report that covers service history, ownership history, and mileage.

Ready to take a closer look? Explore the Jaguar Approved CPO program in greater detail before you drive in from Fort Lee or New York City.

Your Used or Certified Pre-Owned Jaguar Awaits!

Whether you’re leaning towards a CPO Jaguar or a more accessible used model, Jaguar Englewood is an excellent place to start your new adventure. Explore our complete list of pre-owned vehicle specials or apply for financing today.

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